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The MOST important part of hair restoration begins with scalp care. The power of this product is in its purity.  The results speak for itself. Critical for all programs.

Pre-cleanse breaks up and dissolves sebum clogging hair follicles enabling targeted absorption of topical stimulators. Essential for healthy scalp care and product absorption. Aids in exposing topical treatment to the dermal papilla. Great fot those with unresolved scalp conditions.


    • Dissolves scalp sebum build-up
    • Provides high concentrations of hair strengthening vitamins
    • Soothes dry,irritated scalp
  • Shake well before using. With the enclosed applicator tip, apply 10-12 drops on the scalp and massage gently with fingertips into treatment area. Wait 5-10 minutes, then shampoo with our Power Block Cleanse.

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