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Our line is packed with the intellectual capacity of a host of doctors and world-renowned trichologists with more than 75 years combined focus and practice specific to hair loss. We have unpacked the causes of a variety of hair loss concerns under the most powerful microscopic lens and curated a powerful, highly effective, yet all natural solution.


Whether your loss is due to genetics, stress, post surgery, medication, alopecia, male or female pattern baldness we have curated a natural system with the potency and effectiveness of the best medical solutions available.



Developed by industry experts, Resolv'd slows the progression of aging hair, proactively supports healthy hair growth, and rejuvenates hair damaged by excessive heat, harsh chemicals, tight braids, weaves, and extensions.


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Manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients, Resolv'd healthy hair formulas are clinically proven safe and effective for men and women of all ethnicities and all hair types and highly rated by US Trichology Institute.



Resolv'd Hair Loss Solutions synergistically combine unique formulas for healthy hair and scalp. Individually, they are concise and successful. However, when they are combined, they are the most effective hair rejuvenation solutions available.


Resolv’d Hair Solutions Product Usage Guide

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